Finding your ideal property can be a challenge. So, when you find a property that fulfils all of your requirements, you need to be ready to make a move. To help you, the process of purchasing a property below is outlined below. From the first time we meet right through to settlement & beyond, we are here to help you & ensure that the process is as smooth as possible. 


Put forward your strongest purchasing proposal to your agent. Include details of exchange & settlement timeframes along with your best offer. 



You will need to provide your full details, including the full legal names & contact details of all purchasers, along with your chosen solicitor that will be representing you throughout your purchase. At this stage, you will be asked to pay an initial $1,000 holding deposit. This allows us to take the property off the market for you & is fully refundable.



If you require finance, you will need to lodge your finance application with your lender or mortgage broker as soon as possible. As your agent, we can assist you with this process.



Your solicitor will be in contact with you to review the contract & address any queries. Your solicitor will need your signed contract, a letter of unconditional loan approval (if applicable) & confirmation that you have paid the full exchange deposit. With all of this. along with your final go ahead, exchange can take place. This means that both parties have now agreed to the purchase & usually occurs within 10 business days.



Generally, not a lot happens between exchange and settlement, as we are simply waiting for the settlement date to roll around. However, just prior to settlement, we will carry out a final inspection of the property with you. This gives you the opportunity to view the property exactly as it will be on handover.



Once settlement takes place, you become the owner of the property. You will be given the keys & you are free to move in.


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There are many advantages to buying investment properties off the plan. Not only are you securing tomorrow’s property at today’s price, you also have extra time to save and you have greater choice in which property you choose to purchase, including the finishes, fixtures and style of the property. 


If you choose to buy a property off the plan, it is important that you keep the following things in mind:


Developments are released to agents a few weeks before they are released to the open market. In this period, known as the pre-release stage, we have the opportunity to give our clients a sneak preview of the development and allow them to make their purchase ahead of the general public. It's important for you to be working with an agent so that you don't miss out on the perfect opportunity.




If buying off the plan, you will have a period of time to wait while construction gets underway and the project is completed. As this time period can vary, we recommend everyone sees their bank or a broker to get a thorough understanding of current and future financial positions.



In the ACT, you have up to 12 months from the date of exchange or until settlement (whichever comes first) to pay your stamp duty. 



For your peace of mind, your contract will include a 90 day maintenance period. This means that your new property will have time to 'settle'.


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Your home is your greatest asset and you can only sell it once, so you need to get it right. Whether you're interested in tips for home preparation and presentation or are interested in the process of downsizing, we have a range of information booklets available to you. So, let our knowledge benefit you and ensure you're ready when it comes time to sell your home.

When it comes to purchasing property, one of the most important things is finding a team of professionals that you can trust. We’ve been in the business a long time, so we know some of the best.


For professional & honest home loan advice, we recommend speaking to Arman . Along with the team at Clarity, he provides a free mortgage broking service and has access to all the banks so can compare offers and find you the most suitable deal and competitive rates. 

You can call Arman on 6209 1990 or email him at – just let him know the team at Independent Property Group Belconnen referred you.



You can call Sandra on 6175 0945 or email her at



You can call Jacinta on 6279 4299 or email her at


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