Well located property is an important component of any balanced investment portfolio. More than that, however, it provides a unique combination of security, high capital growth and tax benefits to those who adopt a well thought out strategy of acquisition and sale. Residential real estate also forms the basis of wealth for the majority of Australians because it is the favoured form of security for financial institutions. 


As Australia’s capital city, there are obvious reasons for Canberra being an attractive place to invest. There are also several other far more compelling reasons, however, that continue to place Canberra at the forefront of Australia’s property investment locations:



Canberra offers an unmatched combination of high incomes, strong employment and continued population growth. What this means is continual demand for accommodation, which, in turn, provides attractive rental returns and higher yields to investors while assuring capital growth prospects.



Canberra has a strong local economy which has benefited from the reduction in the size of government and has flourishing tourism, leisure, education and information technology sectors. The benefit here is a historically strong market that is resilient to many external factors, unlike several other major Australian centres.



As an attractive, planned city, Canberra is a great place to live and will continue to attract young people and families. The vibrant city is clean, easy to get around and has more facilities, entertainment, educational institutions and restaurants per head of population than most Australian locations. While that remains true, your investment remains secure.



Unlike all other major Australian capital cities, when you pay stamp duty on the purchase of a property in Canberra, it is fully tax deductible in the first year of ownership. The immediate tax savings produced by this means that many investors will receive a cash positive outcome after filing their tax return in their first year of ownership. This is dependent on their individual financial situation and the value of the property.


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